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Family Photo, Christmas 2008

This is Charlie!   I’m a good puppy!

Colton at the Jacksonville, January 2009

Cloey Nicole Bennett’s Room




Cloey came home to a beautiful room.



The bright sun, whimsical butterflies and bumble bees will be great for her to see.



The colorful flowers and the flowing vines around the doors and windows add charm and beauty.


The hand painted furniture was Kim’s mom and dad’s first bedroom suite.  Just goes to show that good furniture can be an heir loom!

On Thursday, June 25, 2009, at 1:11 p.m.

Cloey Nicole Bennett made her debut. 

At 7 lbs, 8.2 oz. and   22 1/4 inches long, she is as perfect as they come.

When all wrapped up in the pink blanket with the pink cap, she looked like a little “Glow Worm”. 


She definitely makes mom and dad glow!



With few worries and a carefree attitude, sleep   is inevitable. 


Cloey looks good in all pink outfits.  Here she is sporting a pink floral pattern.